Pat Egan, relief pitcher

What will it take for the brass to look at him?

He’ll have to keep pitching brilliantly and the Orioles’ bullpen will have to implode. After spending 2010 and 2011 pitching effectively at Bowie and ineffectively at Norfolk, he returned to Bowie for 2012 and pitched even more effectively than he had in 2010 and 2011. He was promoted to Norfolk late in the year, and pitched effectively in 16 innings.

Egan’s a classic right-handed sinkerball pitcher. He has great control and doesn’t give up home runs, but doesn’t strike out batters and gives up hits. Even at Bowie in 2012, posting a 1.60 ERA, he gave up 50 hits in 50 2/3 innings. He’s not the type of pitcher who gets chances, but if he pitches well enough in Norfolk, his numbers will eventually grab someone’s attention. And if the Orioles then need a relief pitcher, he might get the call. He might have a good year as a major leaguer, but probably not.


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