Bill Hall, utility player

Does he have a role on a major-league team?

I don’t see it. Hall is a very poor man’s Alfonso Soriano — a low-average, low-walk, high-strikeout home run hitter. Although Hall had some speed when he was younger, he lost it fairly early in his career. He can play outfield and third base passably and can handle second or short in an emergency. If he had a regular j0b, he’d probably hit .220 with a sub-.300 OBP and 15-20 home runs. He’s so offensively one-dimensional that I can’t see him being a full-time bench player. He’ll be an AAA player for as long as he wants to, getting called up occasionally in emergencies.

Hall was granted free agency after the 2012 season and has signed a minor-league contract with the Angels. Because he finished the 2012 season on the Orioles’ roster, he qualifies as an Article XX (B) free agent, which gives him certain rights and privileges.


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