Kyler Newby, relief pitcher

Who is he?

A relief pitcher, originally signed by the Diamondbacks. He pitched extremely well as an A-Ball closer but his career was probably derailed by a significant 2007 injury (he pitched in only 9 games that year.) That put him a year behind, and he didn’t pitch particularly well in 2009 at age 24 in AA. He was passed by a wave of Diamondbacks pitching prospects and was converted to the dreaded swingman role. He signed with the Orioles as a minor-league free agent for 2012; made one appearance for Norfolk (earning a save after his one inning) but was then demoted to Bowie as the Orioles organization had more pitchers than they could efficiently use. He pitched very well as the Bowie closer.

Newby was declared a minor-league free agent and signed with Oakland for 2013, where I’m sure he hopes he’ll get a chance to pitch in AAA relief.


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