Chris Robinson, catcher

Is he an option as a backup catcher?

Despite what Dan Duquette was reported as saying, it’s not at all hard to find a backup catcher, especially when your starting catcher is Matt Wieters. Chris Robinson is a contact-hitting catcher, who neither walks nor strikes out much and who also doesn’t have much power. His defensive reputation is slighty better than his actual, measurable defense, but he’s competent enough behind the plate.

Robinson has played 276 games in four seasons at AAA, with a career batting average of .287. The individual seasons are .326, .248, .316, and .232. But you’re really not looking for consistency in a backup catcher who gets 150 plate appearances as year, because the sample sizes are small.

Robinson would be an solid candidate to back up Wieters. He’s a right-handed contact hitter, while Wieters is a power-hitting switch-hitter. He’s probably not the best backup available.


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