J.C. Romero, left-handed relief pitcher

Will he come back?

J.C. Romero had one of the stranger seasons in recent memory in 2012. He started the season with the Cardinals but was released in mid-May. Ten days later, he signed with the Orioles who assigned him to Norfolk. Apparently at his request, the Orioles released him in July and he signed with Cleveland, who assigned him to Columbus. Three weeks later, the Orioles traded Carlos Rojas to reacquire him for the major-league bullpen. After two weeks, the Orioles released him again, and no one picked him up.

After his second release by the Orioles, he stated that he was considering retirement. If he doesn’t retire, and he wants to pitch, there’s no reason why he can’t come back as a left-handed relief specialist. He’ll only turn 37 in June. Although he didn’t pitch well in his limited major-league time in 2012, he pitched okay in 2011 and pretty well in 2010; and, he pitched well in AAA in 2012. So there’s no real reason to think that he couldn’t pitch effectively in the majors in 2013.

If he wants to. He apparently has interests outside of baseball, and has earned about $21 million in his baseball career. He may simply decide to pursue his other interests.

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