Steve Tolleson, infielder

Is he a major-league player? Could he be the Orioles second baseman?

Tolleson is certainly a viable backup infielder candidate, and since he has also seen time in the outfield I would think he’s got a good shot at a bench position. He’s a reliable if not particularly rangy shortstop, and a solid second baseman. He hit .332 in 80 games in Sacramento in 2010, but otherwise has been a consistent .275 hitter in AAA — both in the International League and the Pacific Coast League. He’s got more pop than a typical utility infielder but less speed.

He hit .183 in his stay in Baltimore, but that was only 76 plate appearances and he did hit three doubles and two home runs. Previously, he hit .286 in 53 plate appearances with Oakland.

I suspect that Tolleson would be overmatched as a regular second baseman. He’d provide average defense at second base, hit around .250 with a few doubles and maybe 5 home runs. I’d consider him as a backup; for instance, I like him better than Robert Andino.

11/15/2012 — Tolleson has signed a minor-league free agent contract with the White Sox, according to Baseball America.


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